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Specializing in chair caning, danish cord and rushing. Located in the Towson area, Jane's Cane offers reasonable rates for quality work. Jane Wiesand can apply sheet cane, hand cane, hand rush, danish cord and splint to seats or any other kind of furniture that needs weaving repair. Her father, J. Robert Southard was a fine furniture re-finisher and her mother Virginia was a hand caner. She has learned the skills necessary to take a broken chair and  make it like new. Repairing the cane or rush and restoring the wood. Furniture always goes back to the customer looking beautiful. 


The chair above is hand cane and the chair to the right is rush


The chair to left is splint.

Please call or send a picture of the repairs you need done. I can give an estimate right away. You can contact me at 410-377-9259 or janescane@comcast.net.

The chair below is Danish Cord weave